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This Talented Artist Has Envisioned an All-Women Knights of Ren, and They Rule

An artist’s rendition of the Knights of Ren. See the full image below!
An artist’s rendition of the Knights of Ren. See the full image below!
Illustration: Kate Sheridan

The Knights of Ren, Kylo Ren’s troupe of followers, first teased in The Force Awakens and given a possible backstory as fellow students of Luke’s disastrous Jedi academy in The Last Jedi, have so far been absentees from the new Star Wars movies. Who are they? What are they like?


Creator and artist Kate Sheridan, whose work we’ve featured before, has some ideas. Over on Twitter, she’s shared her own concept for an all-lady team of Knights of Ren to act as foils and frenemies to the wayward Ben Solo. All Force sensitive, all mildly sinister, and all stylish. They’re fantastic.

Here’s the ensemble, followed by their solo portraits and bios (shared with permission from the artist):


Sheridan also created a short comic showcasing the relationship between Kylo Ren and Tyr, which hits on a really compelling emotional note for both characters.


That’s dark, but that’s a good dark.

When and if Abrams and crew unveil their own concepts for the Knights of Ren, they probably won’t have much in common with Sheridan’s ideas. But, honestly, I dunno if they could do much better. Thanks so much to Kate for letting us feature her art!



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