From Bill Wurtz’s latest.
Image: Screenshot via YouTube

Need an inspirational anthem for the parts of life that don’t make any sense at all? This silly animated song will do the trick.

Bill Wurtz is known for absurd, funny animation and music: his “History of” videos are particular well known, and just about everything he touches turns to weird gold. With stick figures and unrivaled panache, Wurtz produces some of the best silly animation the internet has to offer.


Wurtz’s latest, “and the day goes on,” is an inspirational jam by way of Too Many Cooks. Tapping into that same schmaltzy sitcom theme song vibe, it’s a song about survival, and how everything’s going to be okay, even as we’re not sure what’s going on, where we are, or why space is involved. And yet even with that said, it manages to be remarkably sincere and actually kind of inspirational?

Watch the clever animated music video below, and then go conquer whatever absurdist challenges await you this lovely Sunday.

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