This Surreal Adventure Webcomic Should Be A Cartoon Network Show

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Severin Piehl's Tove is one of those joyful webcomics that makes you want to go on endless adventures with its protagonist. In this case, those adventures involve a derelict spaceship, a group of guardian spirits living by a black hole, and a battle for the fate of the universe. Things get pretty weird.


Our heroine, Tove, is the daughter of a botany professor and frequently joins her father on collecting trips, along with her brother, Dag, and their giant dog, Cranberry. But on this particular outing, Tove and Dag discover an ancient abandoned spaceship. After a mishap, Tove finds herself transported to some mysterious part of the universe, where bizarre spirit creatures tell her that she has an incredible destiny. But Tove is both fearless and willful, and the destiny she's drawn to is far more chaotic than the spirit creatures would like.

Fortunately for us, Piehl's sense of chaos is wonderfully spunky. He litters the world of the spirit creatures with weird alien junk, and fills Tove's personal spiritual visions with flying tiger unicorns and candy-colored landscapes. And Piehl knows when it's time to pull us back into reality (or, at least, the cartoon version of reality). As the first chapter of Tove closes, there are still a lot of mysteries about what the heck is going on with our heroine and her universe, but it's clear that there's a great deal of fun ahead.



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Yup. Another show that looks like Adventure Time... can never have too many of those....

...God I miss Justice League Unlimited...