This supercar runs on chocolate, cheese, and wine

As if the Exige 270E Tri-fuel sports car wasn't expensive enough, the engineers over at Lotus have gone ahead and made it run on three of the most expensive vices on the planet. That's right: you can fuel this car with chocolate, cheese, and wine.

The Tri-fuel, which is modeled after the decidedly sexy Exige S, is part of the company's campaign to provide environmentally friendly answers to fossil fuels.


And it turns out the Lotus Engineering team's choice of fuel isn't as ridiculous as it sounds. According to their website, all three delicacies can be turned into ethanol, which the car can use to accelerate from 0—60 in under four seconds. Furthermore, the ethanol is produced from low quality wine ("low quality" here defined as "not drinking grade"); whey (which is technically a by product of the cheese-making process); and surplus chocolate.

Via Lotus Engineering
Spotted on Discovery

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