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"This Story Throws You In The Deep End -- And That's A Very Good Thing"

Illustration for article titled This Story Throws You In The Deep End -- And Thats A Very Good Thing

Not every story needs to start out with an ordinary, relatable person discovering a strange world. Sometimes, it's great to follow a character who's already steeped in the weirdness, and get caught up in the action right away. What's your favorite story that shoves you straight into its weird world, with no hand-holding?


This is partly inspired by NBC's Constantine, which has decided to ditch the "ordinary person" audience-identification character, Liv, after its pilot. Instead, we're just going to follow John Constantine and other people in his world, with no Rose Tyler-type character in the mix.

So please include a picture, book cover or clip for your favorite story that tosses audiences or readers right into the deep end. And please mention the name, and why it does a good job of immersing you in a science-fictional or magical setting right off the bat. Thanks!


Top image: The Hunger Games. People don't give this series enough credit for how ruthlessly it immerses you in the dysfunctional world of Panem, with no "sympathetic" character to cushion your fall.

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