This Steven Moffat-Penned Doctor Who Short Story Is a Sweet Introduction to the Doctor

Caitlin Blackwood as Amelia Pond.
Caitlin Blackwood as Amelia Pond.
Image: BBC

From the perspective of the young Amy Pond, meet the Raggedy Doctor.

Created for a global simulcast watch-along of the Doctor Who episode “The Eleventh Hour,” this short story, with moving illustrations by Sophie Iles, is a new glimpse at the young Amy Pond’s relationship to the Doctor, in the form of a diary entry exploring the companion’s life after meeting the Doctor as a child. It plays like a sweet children’s book, a storytime introduction to the Doctor and the melancholy of touching the spectacular and then having to go back to normal. Also, Rory is there.

With narration by Caitlin Blackwood, who played the young Amelia Pond on the show, this is one of the first pieces of Moffat-penned Who since he left the show. As evidenced by the title, this video was fully produced during the coronavirus lockdown gripping most of the world, making it both a sweet bit of Doctor Who ephemera as well as a historical document. Now, posterity will look back on this moment and remember that the Doctor has weird taste in food. As it should be.


This is one of a series of short stories that the Doctor Who team has put together in the past few weeks. While a lot of media enterprises are trying to adapt to the novel coronavirus, the Whovians are doing it best.

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I must say, it’s been really fun to read/watch all of these as they come out. A big shout-out to Emily Cook, who has been organizing the Doctor Who episode watchalongs and produced several of these for them (including the most recent “Raggedy Doctor” one).