Stormtroopers are helmeted for a reason—not being able to see their faces makes us feel okay about our heroes mowing down tons of them as they go about saving the day. This short but sharp fan film puts the focus on the people behind the masks, and in the process, makes you feel a little sympathetic about the endless grind of the Stormtrooper hordes.

Jakku: First Wave follows a group of Stormtroopers that were the first Imperial ground forces during the Battle of Jakku, the conflict that brought the Galactic Civil War to its final end in Disney’s Star Wars canon, ahead of a contentious peace treaty between the New Republic and Imperial Remnant.


But you’re told going in that none of these Stormtroopers survived—so getting to hear the personal reasons for why these soldiers are still fighting, their identity-concealing helmets removed, is tinged with an inevitable sense of sadness. Poor Stormies.

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