This Star Wars Fan Comic Anthology Ponders the Fate of Two Important Animated Heroes

Cover art by Medhi Cheggour.

The galaxy far far away is filled with untold stories that yearn to be uncovered—how characters we know and love came to be where we found them in the movies and the shows, what happened after those movies and shows, all of it. For two characters in particular from Rebels and Clone Wars, this neat fan comic anthology has some interesting answers.

Tales from a Galaxy Far, Far Away is an 80-page collection of fan-told Star Wars stories from talents across the comics industry—from writers Tim Daniel to Michael Moreci, to artists like K. R. Whalen and Drew Zucker. The anthology features a blend of comics and written short stories, covering all sorts of different eras from after Return of the Jedi during the rise of the First Order, to the days of Obi-Wan Kenobi’s padawan training under Qui-Gon Jin.


Two of the most interesting stories, however, focus on what became of some crucial characters from Star Wars animation: “Ronin,” by Morgan Luthi, Michael Moreci, and Jim Campbell imagines the origins of Rebels’ Grand Inquisitor and his life as a Jedi after Order 66 before his fall to the dark side. Meanwhile, “Touching Darkness,” by Moreci, Phillip Sevy, Juancho Velez and Dave Baron, catches up with Ahsoka and Quinlan Vos after the events of Clone Wars, following up on a major plotline from the show’s fifth season.

They might not be official answers to some of our questions about the Star Wars galaxy, but they’re still pretty cool, and an intriguing read. You can read the whole thing here.


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