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This Star Wars Documentary on Sound in The Last Jedi Is Delightful

Image: Disney
Image: Disney

Sounds are the unheralded heroes of movies. They flutter into your eardrums without you even realizing it, and become as crucial a part of the experience as anything else. And nowhere is that truer than in Star Wars, where the sound department has to create sounds for things we’ve never seen before.


Throughout the years, you’ve probably heard stories of how the lightsabers got their sounds or similar trivia. Now, ABC News is adding to that Star Wars sound vocabulary. It recently released a 26-minute video called The Force of Sound, which explores sounds in Rian Johnson’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi. And it’s wonderful. Here’s the full thing.


There’s just so much good stuff in there, but the BB-8 coin slot foley stuff may be my favorite. Or maybe the gloves acting as porgs. Honestly, it’s all gold and such a great, eye-opening look at the filmmaking process.

The Last Jedi is still in theaters and is coming home in March.

[ABC News]

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What isn’t delightful is the exclusion of Ben Burtt.