This Star Trek Combadge Actually Works... With a Little Help From Your Phone

It’s linked to your mobile phone rather than a ship’s computer, but hey: This is the best attempt yet at getting a Trek-style combadge, and it’s pretty dang neat.

To mark the franchise’s 50th Anniversary, ThinkGeek has just announced this Bluetooth-powered replica of the Next Generation-styled combadge. The device (which can last for 10 hours on a single charge), can be connected to your phone or smart device. A tap of the badge—which, of course, is accompanied by the distinct chirping sound they have on the shows—can answer or end phone calls, play and pause music, or bring up Siri or Google Now for voice-control (man, that’ll be even better when they eventually get Majel Barret’s voice!).


It might not be the most perfect version of Trek’s combadge—no universal translator, for starters—but it’s a very cool (and incredibly nerdy) way to use your phone hands-free. And for $80, it’s not too eye-watering a price to fulfill your dreams of being part of Starfleet. Hopefully they’ll do one in the Voyager/Deep Space Nine design, too!

You can preorder a badge of your own at ThinkGeek now, ahead of a release in November.


[H/T Alex English]

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