This Sponge-Filled Syringe Is Ready for the Battlefield

This syringe is capable of stanching a gunshot-wound within 20 seconds — practically on contact. And it was just approved by the FDA to be used out on the battlefield. (Note: Medical images ahead.)

So far, the syringe, known as the XSTAT, has only been approved for use by the military, but it could make a huge impact on field medicine.


The FDA notes that almost half of the deaths in combat since WWII have been the result of bleeding out — and, of those deaths, they estimate that half of them could have been prevented if they had more time to get access to medical care. That extra time — four hours of it, to be exact — is precisely what the sponge-syringe could buy them.

The XSTAT is the work of RevMedX. It works by packing multiple cellulose sponges into a syringe. When they come into contact with blood they expand outwards, staunching the blood flow. Then, when the wound is able to be treated, all the sponges are removed (just in case, each sponge also has an X-ray marker so none will be lost.)

Images: RevMedX


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