This Special Effects Artist Did Something Totally Amazing With Her Pregnant Stomach

Special effects artist Maria Bradley has been doing some amazing body art—including some cool “baby bump painting” for years. So when she became pregnant herself, it was a chance to do something really unusual.

Bradley created the impression of a baby trying to force his or her way out of her pregnant stomach—actually, it looks kind of like Han Solo in carbonite:


Bradley explained to Baby Center that she bought a second hand baby doll and made a cast of its face in clay, then filled the cast with Kryolan Gelafix skin, to make a mould:

That is the creepiest part of the whole thing, to be honest. Then she glued this mould to her own stomach, and then used liquid latex and tissue to make it look like the baby was pushing out through her skin. She covered it over with foundation, to blend with her own skin tone.


Bradley had tried to convince other pregnant women to do this, but nobody had been up for it. Hard to imagine why! In any case, the final result is definitely arresting, and kind of insane.

Check out more of Bradley’s work at her website, her Facebook page and her photography site.


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