This Sonic the Hedgehog & OK K.O Crossover Clip is Pure Nostalgic Joy

Sonic is not really approving.
Sonic is not really approving.
Image: Cartoon Network

In another nostalgic reminder today, I’m thinking about how much I used to love the awful, terrible, absolutely egregiously bad Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon. Like, it is a bad kid’s TV show by most metrics, unless your metric is the consumption of chili dogs. But, oh, did I love it. And seeing Sonic in a cartoon again—a good cartoon, at that? It’s nice.


Courtesy of Cartoon Network, this clip from OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes’s crossover with Sonic is a sweet clip of Sonic, all ego and speed, teaching—or, well, not teaching—his new friend how to spin dash. It feels like an homage both to the all-attitude TV Sonic and the style and speediness of the games.

It’s a fantastic time to love old videogames and new cartoons, and this is one of the most fun animated homages I’ve seen in some time. OK K.O. airs on Cartoon Network, and you should check it out.


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Chris J Capel

I’ve heard Sonic Boom is really good.