It's widely acknowledged that crows are remarkably intelligent animals (did you know that they're commonly referred to as feathered apes?), but seeing one engage in a pastime as distinctly human as snow-sledding is a sight to behold.


The description for this clip describes this particular corvid's antics as "snowboarding," but to me, the activity is much more reminiscent of bombing hills with nothing more than a cheap garbage can lid. After all, it's not like this bird decided to throw down a grip of cash on a snowboard — complete with boots, bindings, goggles and gloves — it simply found a lid from a jar, imagined it into a makeshift recreational device, and set out for what appears to be some pure, unadulterated entertainment.

Of course, another explanation for the crow's activity could be that it's simply doing its best to investigate the lid (maybe trying to bully some food out of it), and that the roof-sliding is merely an emergent feature of this behavior. And that may be. If, you know, you hate fun.


[Via NPR]

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