In the little Dutch town of Geldrop there is a neighborhood with streets named after characters from the stories of J.R.R. Tolkien. You'll find the names of hobbits, dwarves, wizards and elves – but there's at least one name that's conspicuously absent.

Photo Credit: Manuel Pangaruy Jr.

That name is "Bilbo." There's no reference to the hobbit anywhere in Geldrop (for that you'll have to drive 19 miles East, to the town of Someren, where there's a company that goes by "Frodo-Bilbo B.V."); you will, however, find mention of many other key figures, places and themes from Tolkien's assorted tales.

Photo Credit: Manuel Pangaruy Jr.

Their names have been assigned to the streets and alleyways that branch off of Laan van Tolkien (i.e. "Tolkien Avenue," which has its own homeowner's association), to create a quaint little network of homes and businesses. There's a school at Saruman 1, a tennis club at Fangorn 23, and a physical therapist's office at Legolas 7. Here, have a look around:

Personally, I can see myself living in one of the houses on Aragorn street – looks to me like they have a great view of the neighborhood's beautiful cemetery.

Google Maps via Geekologie |Photos by Manuel Pangaruy Jr.