This short trailer has some of the best mecha design we've seen outside of video games

You've probably never heard of K3loid, a new short movie about humans hunting for a rogue artificial intelligence — but the list of people involved with this project is pretty amazing. Including mecha suits designed by Aaron Beck and Weta's Greg Broadmore. And music remixed by Amon Tobin. The actual storyline looks pretty creepy, judging from this brief trailer — there's a taunting, sinister A.I., and some weird-looking mannequins. And chasing the A.I. is a group of people in power suits bots, who have awesome powers — and you just know this is not going to turn out well for the power-suited cannon fodder.


Thanks to Vitaly2 for pointing out that these guys are actually Aaron Beck's Bots, as detailed on his blog. [K3loid, thanks Stuart!]

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Erik Sofge

You sure these are power suits? Looks more like unmanned stuff. I mean, where would the human's head go?

Then again, sending drones after an AI is asking for trouble...