This short time travel movie packs insane visuals, and a clever twist

Keep watching this four-minute time-travel movie until the end — it's not just cool visuals of spaceships zooming around and flying into a time bubble. There's a pretty neat twist in the final moments.


Initium was created by students at the French studio school ArtFX, and here's the synopsis: "An accident threatens Earth. John Carson, a pilot is sent to prevent the catastrophy from escalating. Time is running out." And you'll see that "time is running out" is literally true, in the final moments of the film. Pretty neat stuff!

Update: We've been told that ArtFX isn't a studio, but a school, and this is actually a student film. Which makes it even more nifty.


[via Geek Tyrant]

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Awesome short. I loved it actually. But what was the twist?