This Short Scifi Film About Erasing Adultery Raises a Lot of Questions

“Never Happened” is a story about adultery with a classic science fiction twist. And, since it’s a short, it presents its premise and then ends without answering any of the questions it raises. Whether that’s a good thing or not is going to depend heavily on whether you’re okay with media posing questions without presenting any answers.

This one’s a bit NSFW, by the way:

While the twist in Mark Slutsky’s short is “technology can erase memories,” the question it’s asking is about intention, morality, and whether you can be blamed for things you don’t remember doing. And I spent a long time wondering what the point is of adultery you can’t even remember. There’s a ton to unpack here, and I’m not sure this short presents its questions in the best way. But it definitely asks them, and that’s science fiction at its best.


[via Slashfilm]

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