This short movie about cyborgs running amok in Bangkok's red light district is totally worth your 5 minutes

Boy howdy, is this depressing and fascinating. Check out True Skin, a short film from director Stephan Zlotescu and production firm N1ON about a cyborg on the lam in a futuristic Bangkok.


In this neon man-machine metropolis, unenhanced humans are at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder, and everyone from street vendors to prostitutes sports (occasionally black market) mechanical upgrades. It's atmospheric, gonzo, trashy, and absolutely worth a gander. (Hat tip to JP.)

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Why do short-films like this get made? I don't understand the production firm and short-film industry very well; The makers must have spent 50-100k on this. They don't get sales for view. There are no adverts on their webpage. Are they trying to attract some attention to their firm for big future hollywood projects or something?