This Short Film Reveals Why Being The Devil's Lawyer Is A Lousy Job

In a great many stories about the Devil and his infamous contracts, the Devil’s lawyer is a confident, mystical figure as tricky as the Devil himself. But in the short film Chasseur, a demon hunter tries to summon the Devil and gets his lawyer instead, a man who seems, much the hunter’s frustration, perfectly ordinary.


Christopher Soren Kelly didn’t just write and direct Chasseur, he also gives that magnetic performance as the title character, Louis Chasseur. For a moment, when we meet the Devil’s lawyer Mycroft Coney (played by Joshua Bitton), it seems like this film might swing into comedy, with Mycroft as the straight man. But it quickly becomes clear that this is an emotionally charged drama about two men caught in the conflict between humanity and the Devil, their choices, and what awaits them after death.

[via Short of the Week]

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I prefer when the Devil is a lawyer.