This Short Film Delivers Intense Action, By Showing One Man's Face

In the short film Mis-Drop, we watch a soldier's first and final mission from the perspective of a head-mounted camera trained on his face, as he drops from a starship onto a colonial planet. All we see of the world around him are reflections in his helmet, and yet the suspense is incredible.


Plus, the story surprisingly moving.

Written and directed by Ferand Peek, the film does a lot with minimal effects — with help from great voice actors and subtle expressions on the face of lead Eliot Travers. We never quite understand why the soldier is being dropped to the planet, nor what has gone wrong. Instead of making the situation confusing, however, it just adds to the tension. And the frame story, which is that a "forensic accountant" (an insurance agent of the future?) is watching the footage via his safe little UI, makes the whole thing deeply dystopian.

What's next for the filmmaker? Peek told io9:

I am currently working on a feature about AI which might end up feeling a little like 'Primer' or something - depending on the final budget.

Given what he did with a small budget on this short, I'm looking forward to whatever he makes — on whatever budget.

Learn more about Mis-Drop on the official website.



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It was superb but you say "final mission" in your synopsis, but we never see him die. He gets really close but last we see him he's running over the hills in the background getting shot at. I may have missed something?