This Short Documentary About Sleep Paralysis Plays Like a Horror Movie

Even though sleep paralysis has a logical, scientific explanation, when you experience a sleep paralysis episode, it can feel like you're in a supernatural horror movie. And this short documentary won't make getting back to sleep any easier.


Sleep paralysis occurs when your brain wakes but hasn't yet reengaged control of your muscles, and experience that has been linked to intense hallucinations. We've seen Nicolas Bruno capture his experience with sleep paralysis through conceptual photography, but director Carla MacKinnon and the other folks at the Sleep Paralysis Project have used film as their medium for exploring the phenomenon—horror movies in particular. Devil In The Room highlights the grotesqueness of mythological creatures who may have been invented to explain sleep paralysis, and even lends a creepy touch to its explanation of the experience. And that's the point—it is meant to evoke the feeling of sleep paralysis even as it demystifies it in more scientific terms.


[via Mind Hacks]

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Fair warning: if you've had sleep paralysis before, that opening sequence may trigger some bad bad memories.