This Short About Vengeance and a Magic Snake Demands a Sequel and a Prequel

“OURO” is animated short that has it all: a setting in a weird technological future, a giant snake, a weird ritual, and a vengeance spree. Also, of course, a soundtrack that feels right out of the ‘80s and is wonderful for it.

Directed by Pierre-Jean Le Moël and Eva Jiahui Gao, “OURO” is beautifully done with no dialogue and no opening title card with an explanation of what you’re seeing. It’s a perfect example of the power of starting in media res and the power of being purely visual. I demand a prequel to explain how this started, and then a sequel to tell me where the main character goes after this.


By the way, if you want a few more details (you don’t need them, but if you want them) the script is on the film’s website. It’s in French, but it does tell you that the year is 3044, the city is called Delta, the girl is called Lia, and the man is Burock. I still need to see more of this world.

[Everything Animated]

Katharine is the former managing editor of io9.

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