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This Sexy Bollywood Horror Movie Has Absolutely Everything

Illustration for article titled This Sexy Bollywood Horror Movie Has Absolutely iEverything/i

It really doesn't get more epic than the poster for Alone, a new horror film starring Bollywood scream queen du jour Bipasha Basu.

Here's the trailer, which doesn't contain any subtitles, but ... who needs 'em?

And here's the movie synopsis, via distributor Panorama Studios: "The story revolves around conjoined twins Anjana and Sanjana, who had promised to be together always and how the death of one sister leads to a series of chilling incidents that leads the surviving sister to believe that the ghost of her dead twin is haunting her."


Yep, the poster definitely conveys that. It also conveys something about the marketing magic attained when two versions of the same actress (one in "hot corpse" form) meet the well-oiled abs of co-star Karan Singh Grover.


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What I really want to know is where they are fitting in the requisite, amazingly choreographed, musical number.

Between this and Happy New Year, Bollywood's really seems to be having a banner year in Europe (and maybe North America), as opposed to mainly Asia and Africa.

Also, for your viewing pleasure, "Indiawaale":