This Sculpture of Cowboy Bebop's Faye Valentine Is Hanging in a Fancy New York Gallery Right Now

Cowboy Bebop has been off the air for nearly 15 years—but its legacy remains potent. Case in point: A new exhibition of science-fiction-inspired sculptures and artworks includes a brand new sculpture of Faye Valentine, one of the show’s kickass space bounty hunters.

Warning: could be NSFW, since you can kind of see nipples.

This sculpture is the work of Cajsa von Zeipel, a sculptor whose work often focuses on reclaiming women’s bodies from the tendency of pop culture to reduce them to body parts. The Faye Valentine sculpture is actually a collection of somewhat disconnected body parts—and no hands!—but her face is staring at us somewhat intently.

This sculpture is on display at the Mitchell Algus Gallery on Delancey St. in New York, through Dec. 13, as part of an exhibition called “The Description­ of a New World,­ Called the Blazing-World.”

The image above comes via von Zeipel’s website, and the one below is from the Mitchell Algus Gallery website. Both images are featured by permission of the artist.


[via New York Times]

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