You thought it was a post-apocalyptic show about nanotechnology that shuts down the electrical grid. But it's really about daddy issues. And Jesus. You think I'm kidding but I am so not.

This was a crucial scene in last night's episode where baddie Monroe goes to Mexico to find his long-lost son. Who promptly whips him in front of the cast of MTV's Spring Break Puerto Vallarta. Why is this happening? Monroe has never met his son, and his son is happily ensconced in some warlord's enclave down south.


Plus, why do we even care about Monroe, after he murdered main character Charlie's brother and imprisoned her mom Rachel in a seriously rapey way? I guess because NBC is now pushing this whole terrifying #Charloe campaign, urging viewers to start shipping Charlie and Monroe (yes, the man who killed her brother and kidnapped her mother). Sorry but no amount of hashtag suggestions can get me invested in a plot about this dude, unless it's just his son whipping him forever.

Unfortunately, it looks like Monroe is now teaming up with his kid to retake the Monroe Republic so that fascism can rise again.

I guess this charming father/son reunion is also supposed to fill the gaping hole in our hearts left after Neville stopped horribly abusing his son Jason. Now Neville's ex-wife Julia is abusing both of them, promising that she'll persuade her mucky-muck husband to give Neville a job so he can kill the president. Turns out the new hubby, whom she married when she thought Neville was dead, was actually the mastermind behind the evil brainwashing prison camp where Jason was imprisoned. So both Jason and Neville want to kill Julia's Patriot politician husband. This is like daddy issues, mommy issues, and I don't even know what.


So now that you've had your dose of toxic family values, is there really anything science fictional going on in this show anymore? Why yes there is! Google has done what the nanites told him, and gone to the tiny town of Spring City, where he found former nano-programmer Grace and his ex-wife Priscilla. Turns out Priscilla helped Google write his nano-thesis at MIT. Of course, she didn't write her own thesis because she's a girl.

And we discovered that the nanites think of Google and Priscilla as their parents, and Grace thinks the nanites are basically God. Also, the best part is that we actually saw what the nanites look like.


Wow, that was underwhelming.

I wish this show would stop getting mired in atrocious family drama and start giving us a big-picture look at the political landscape. Oh and also? Can Google please not ever cry again?