This Scene from the French Version of Buffy Will Make Your Day

Seriously, the French answer to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, called Bloody Mallory, is just so jolly and campy, it's guaranteed to fix your Monday blahs. Just watch this clip where demons are trying to sacrifice the superhero Vena Cava, until her friends free her and she gets her awesome blue wig back.


This clip comes from the tail end of the film, which means there are major insane spoilers. Be warned!

So what's going on in this over-the-top awesome clip? Here's the quick-and-dirty version. Mallory is a hero who fights supernatural threats and investigates mysteries with her group of friends. After the Pope gets kidnapped by demons, she teams up with Talky Tina, who can jump into different bodies, the trans explosives expert Vena Cava, and a random Catholic priest to save him — but it turns out the Pope is actually a demon named Abaddon, who tricked the Catholic Church into making him Pope so he could fullfill a 10,000-year-old prophecy and end the human race.


So in this scene, the Pope has captured Vena Cava and aims to sacrifice her — and to be more of a jerk, he's taken away her trademark blue wig. Mallory, Tina and Priest guy show up to save Vena — and Priest guy, who always treats Vena with total respect, throws her her wig so that she can spring into action. "Okay, motherfuckers, it's party time," Vena says in English — the film in French except that one line, which works.

Oh, and you can tell early on that the Pope is really a demon, because he's such a jerk. Here's a great scene on Youtube, where Vena Cava debates the Pope on such matters as condoms and why the church should encourage them, and then she exclaims, "Give me sodomy or give me death!" (This is right after Vena Cava has helped to rescue the Pope, and they're lost in some tunnels.) You'll want to turn on English closed-captioning to get the full effect of this bit:

Oh, and that's the other way you can tell the Pope isn't human — Talky Tina can't jump into his body. [IMDB]

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Any show (film?) that proclaims "Give me sodomy or give me death!" obviously demands our attention. :)