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Back in the 1990s, kids in Egypt thrilled to a series of science fiction novellas called The Future File by Dr. Nabil Farouk, which depicted an optimistic vision of a future Egypt. Now a cartoonist named Sherif Adel has created a satirical version called Pass By Tomorrow, in which the future Egypt is much the same as today.

Talking to Your Middle East, Adel explains this comic, which features a not-terribly-heroic protagonist in the year 3014:

Where is Egypt heading to?" is a question that we have been asking ourselves over and over during the past few years and – in my experience at least – we've been slowly realising that nothing major is actually changing. Corruption, misbehaviour, harassment, bad traffic, political indifference, and pretty much everything is settling back into place. So Pass By Tomorrow is my answer to an extension of that question, "How will Egypt be like in 1,000 years?" In my opinion, it will also be about the same. Our chaotic foolish half-assed way of dealing with our problems and the world will prevail. On the bright side, we get a lot of surreal comedy on a day-to-day basis; so there's always that.


Adel says Pass By Tomorrow started out as a straight-up parody of Future File, which he describes as a fantasy in which "Egypt is a world leading country built on science and ethics with an intelligence team that saved the planet more times than you can count on one hand." But now, he says, the comic (which just published its first issue at a launch event in a Cairo gallery) has outgrown being a parody and become its own thing.

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