This Samurai Wolverine Figure Is the Exact Sort of Anime Bullshit I Crave

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For years, Bandai has been turning Star Wars characters into samurai warriors in a wonderful line of figures called “Movie Realization.” More recently, but far more rarely, it’s been doing the same for Marvel with the “Manga Realization” line. The latest toy just got revealed, and it’s so ridiculous, I love it.

Currently ongoing in Japan is the Tamashii Comic-Con, which is basically a big event for Bandai to show off all the rad figures it’s got in the works that are primed and ready to drain your wallet with import fees over the next few years. That means there’s plenty of cool stuff on the way, from Figuarts Harry Potter, to a metric buttload of Avengers: Infinity War figures, to, yes, this new Manga Realization Wolverine, who looks absolutely absurd. Which, I mean to say, is fantastic.

The coloration, the giant claw-gauntlets, the equally-giant points on the helmet... it’s the classic Wolverine look, rendered in samurai glory. The past entries in this line—which have includes the likes of Captain America, Spider-Man, and Iron Man— have relied on completely covering up characters in armor to try and replicate the costumed effect, but Wolverine works so much better when you get to see his pumped up arms and that growling snarl underneath the mask.


It’s a great-looking take on the character, but sadly it remains to be seen how long it’ll take for Wolvie to arrive on shelves. No release window was given for the figure, but you can probably expect it to set you back around $100, same as previous figures in the line.

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Matthew Catania

And now I’m angry again that he didn’t wear a costume in The Wolverine.