This Rom-Com About a Dude Trying to Time Travel His Way Out of the Friend Zone Feels Like a Bad Idea

Image: Netflix
Image: Netflix
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On paper, the idea is intriguing. A time-travel comedy about a man trying to win the girl of his dreams. There’s potential there, right? Well, in the first trailer for When We First Met, that potential feels misguided.


Directed by Ari Sandel, When We First Met stars Adam Devine (Pitch Perfect) and Alexandra Daddario (San Andreas) and hits Netflix on February 9. Watch the trailer first and then I’ll explain why we’re so uncomfortable.

Okay so, the whole premise is this guy is best friends with this girl, but he didn’t get to sleep with her so he’s willing to time travel in order to do that. Right? You can argue “He’s in love with her” but let’s be honest here. The only thing missing from their current relationship, at least from what we can take from the trailer, is intimacy. It certainly seems like he’s prioritizing sex over emotion.

Now, to be fair, Devine is super funny. Daddario is super talented, and we’re judging a movie based on a single trailer. That’s not always the best thing to do. Plus we really love time travel movies. Like, a lot. We want this movie to be good. It’s just that, from this trailer, the premise feels wrong. Dated. Almost inappropriate, especially when you consider the current social climate. But maybe the movie handles it better than we’re expecting.

We’ll find out on February 9.


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Best possible ending.

After screwing up multiple times trying to force intimacy into his friendship, he realizes he really just wants his friend back.

He goes back one last time and just focuses on being her friend, without the relationship anxiety of their initial meeting.

On returning to the present, their friendship has endured and he’s in a fantastic relationship with another woman that his BFF introduced him to.