This Rare Peek At Pixar's Animation System Is Computer-Generated Magic

Computer animation has come a long way since the first Toy Story movie. Last week, Pixar offered a rare behind-the-scenes look at the sophisticated system used on Brave and Monsters University.

As part of the Pixar Keynote at the GPU Technology Conference, attendees got a peek at Presto, the proprietary animation system Pixar built for Brave. While a lot of work clearly goes into each frame of the movies, it looks like it would be immense fun to play with Pixar's characters in this interactive environment.


It's also interesting to see what the animators were and were not able to see in older Pixar software—namely, in this case, Sulley's fur. Sulley looks so different, so much more slender without his fur, and the Monsters Inc. animators had to not only look at the image in front of them, but also keep in mind Sulley's larger, furrier physicality while they worked.

[via Cartoon Brew]

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They're running rhel! I assumed Steve Jobs' company would all be using macs.

See, Linux is for more than just render farms in the graphics industry.