This Rare Footage of the Beauty and the Beast Stars Singing 'Be Our Guest' Has Made Our Day

“Be... our... guest...” Now that you’ve got one of Disney’s all-time best movie songs stuck in your head, you’ll thoroughly enjoy this rare behind-the-scenes footage of Angela Lansbury and the late Jerry Orbach recording “Be Our Guest” for the original animated version of Beauty and the Beast.

The footage is part of a documentary by Don Hahn (Beauty and the Beast’s producer) exploring the life and career of Howard Ashman, the famed playwright and lyricist, who collaborated with Alan Menken on some of the most memorable songs featured in Disney’s animated features of the ‘90s.


Ashman passed away at 40, just months before Beauty and the Beast premiered, which makes this behind-the-scenes footage even more poignant, as he works with Menken to direct Lansbury and Orbach during a rare recording where the cast and orchestra all perform together.

[Vimeo via Nerdist]

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Jerry Orbach had some real acting skills. Folks have probably seen him on Law & Order and Dirty Dancing, but I saw him on Broadway as Billy Flynn in the original 1975 production of Chicago on Broadway and he was fantastic.