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If there's one movie that probably doesn't need an "edgy" R-rated remake, its a movie about how two horny teens make their perfect woman out of a Barbie doll. But, that won't stop Hollywood from defiling the already fairly creepy '80s film Weird Science.


Joel Silver and Michael Bacall (who is penning this reboot) want to remake Weird Science, but this time with even more awkward scenes about two boys who basically create their own human sex toy. If you remember, John Hughes' original thankfully ditched the threesome in exchange for nerd makeovers from Kelly LeBrock — we have a feeling any sort of modern take on this film won't be as lucky.

According to Deadline, “This film will attempt to carve out its own identity by being redrawn as an edgier R-rated comedy in line with 21 Jump Street and The Hangover.” Which... you really couldn't pick two films that have less to do with each other in both taste and style. But they're both really successful comedies so lol whatever. Needless to say we're not super jazzed about this idea.

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