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This profanity-filled anthem is for every person who read Game of Thrones before watching the TV show

While we all agree that it's awesome that Game of Thrones has a shockingly wonderful TV adaptation, it can be a little difficult hearing everybody fawn over the HBO show when you read A Game of Thrones way back in 1996. The Axis of Awesome knows how you feel, and has penned this amazing little ditty in sympathy.

Two warnings: 1) it starts a bit slow, but picks up wonderfully, and 2) there is a touch of man-ass at the end, meaning it may be NSFW depending on your workplace's tolerance of man-ass. It also contains graphic images of George R.R. Martin eating a baby, but I think we all agree that's perfectly acceptable to see anywhere.

[Via Gamma Squad]

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Obviously this is a joke, and it's pretty funny. But in seriousness, I'm actually astounded and pretty happy about how broad the show's (and now books') audience has become. I know sorority girls with absolutely no interest in speculative fiction/shows/movies/etc. who have devoured the books. It's pretty damned cool, and George Martin should feel good about himself.