This preview for a Japanese children's movie will make your head explode

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Behold the trailer for After School Midnighters, an upcoming Japanese kids' movie about an anatomy model that comes to life at night to party his see-through ass off! I have no idea what occurs in this film, but I can dig it already. It's like Slim Goodbody, if he discovered ayahuasca and show tunes! Here's the synopsis and two more semi-trailers:

The main character "Kynst Lijk" is a human body model that stands in a science room of an elementary school. Kynst Lijk also reigns over the school after midnight. One day, when a naughty kindergarden trio accidentally meets him, his ordinary life changes. The scariest and craziest after midnight adventure begins [...]

Toy Story with anatomy models? Yes! "He is a flame specimen" is my new tombstone transcription frontrunner. Also, the golden duo is coming! Good to know!

[Via Cartoon Brew]

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Factoid: The name "Kynst Lijk" appears to be taken (slightly modified, substituting a Y for U in "Kunst") from the Dutch, translating as "Fake Corpse". A bit like Ford Prefect.