This poster makes us long for an Inspector Spacetime movie

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Sure, we're getting that Untitled Web Series About a Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time, but it's not quite the same as a Danny Pudi-led romp with the Inspector, Constable Reggie, and Temporary Constable Geneva. deviantARTist ~tinderbox210's imaginary Community movie poster gives us a taste of what could be, albeit with Daleks instead of Blorgons in the background.


Community creator Dan Harmon shared this piece on Tumblr, adding, "Holy crap this is really really really cool." Hopefully, the new showrunners will get the flavor of Inspector Spacetime and treat us to some longer sequences with the characters.


Community Movie Poster [~tinderbox210's deviantART Gallery via Dan Harmon via The Mary Sue]

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I see your Inspector Spacetime poster, and raise you Starwatch— The show which was supposed to replace Doctor Who in the late 80's and would have starred John Pertwee, but sounds as if it was scraped together in a single afternoon from the leftover drippings of The Quatermass Conclusion, Blakes 7, The Prisoner and Thunderbirds.

Rather mercifully, this promo featuring John Pertwee sitting in a chair watching a video of John Pertwee recording a top secret message for John Pertwee is all that was ever filmed:

(the video is unlisted, so I can only link to it directly)