There is no ship more crucial to the Star Wars saga than the Millennium Falcon, having played a vital role in multiple trilogies already. And now, in addition to smuggling, escaping Imperial forces, and defeating space stations, this pocket-friendly version of the ship can help with simple home repairs.


It looks nothing like a Gerber or Leatherman multi-tool, but that’s because instead of contraband cargo, this $30 miniature Millennium Falcon is hiding an adjustable wrench, four hex keys, and two screwdrivers

A cargo hold on the underside of the ship with a magnetically-secured lid holds loose tools so they don’t go missing, or get discovered by Stormtroopers. And while the ship itself is made from die-cast zinc alloy, the hex keys and screwdrivers are made from carbon steel so they won’t snap in the heat of battling a stubborn screw.


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