This Place Is Deader Than Alderaan...What, Too Soon?

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Genre stand-up is hard - who hasn't endured a friend doing LOTR jokes late at night? But nothing is more brutally painful to watch than a Star Wars stand-up routine. That's why we've rounded up five of them for you.


Star Wars Stand Up Comic - watch more funny videos

Hossan Leong Star Wars Stand Up


Steve Dix "The Whole Story"

John Gard Makes Star Wars Fat Jokes....Gets a little better when they call out scenes

TK421- Stormtrooper Stand Up

Dave Odd- Religion and Star Wars Streeeeeetch


GOOD Star Wars Stand Up (Suggested By You Fine Folk):

Patton Oswalt:


Eddie Izzard:

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Aidan_ III: The Return

I dunno, that John Gard one was okay. Especially, as the description says, near the end when he does "Toshi Station". Good Luke impression.