This Perfect Snowpiercer Poster Takes You All The Way To The Front of the Train

Snowpiercer, the action-packed 2014 dystopian drama, is jam-packed with evocative imagery. The train against the snowy countryside, the radically different cars on the train, as well as the battles that happen on it. Choosing a single moment for a poster is tough. Which is why artist JC Richard didn’t choose just one.

His poster for Snowpiercer, which io9 is excited to exclusively debut, not only shows the title train in all its glory, but the conflict between Curtis and Mr. Wilford, the man in the engine. It’s kind of a mix of what you think the movie is about (a train holding the survivors of humanity) and what it actually ends up being about (the impossible responsibilities of continuing the human race).


Officially licensed by FAMP Art, “Snowpiercer” by JC Richard goes on sale Wednesday, November 25 at 12:30pm EST via It’s a 24 x 36-inch print with seven colors. It’s a run of 195 copies and each costs $50. And with the holidays coming up, you can buy up to three and they’ll refund shipping. Now go win some!

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