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This Parody Explores the Serene Joy of Just Not Caring About Star Wars

Just imagine it, Rey.
Just imagine it, Rey.
Image: Disney/Lucasfilm

Have you hugged the Star Wars nerd in your life lately? Because they’re probably far, far more stressed out than is reasonable. Such is the nature of fandom, that it can end up with a lot of unnecessary frustration when something you love ends up differently than you imagined, or otherwise it doesn’t but other people think it did.


Anyway, what if you just... didn’t care? What a utopian life that would be. That’s the joke of Gus Johnson’s latest video, a quick little skit that explores the life of a non-Star Wars fan. As it turns out, this magical, mythical hero just... goes about his day. He enjoys things. There’s no shouting about kyber crystals or redemption narratives or space horses. Just a guy, living his life.

Though, for a non-Star Wars fan, that’s a pretty Star Wars-y jacket he’s wearing. All the better to enjoy those empty non-Star Wars theme park rides, I guess.


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In retrospect, I wonder if the single biggest place the whole thing got so out of hand was the decision to jettison the EU. The reason I say that, is so much of what has been getting the sabers rattling was decisions made based on the OT characters and perhaps a large reason for that is the ability of people over 30 to compare what we got with what was still canon when they were growing up.

That’s not to say the EU was perfect or even its own fanfic’ish space - its just it was the sandbox where those people REALLY into Star Wars could keep themselves entertained. So they jettisoned that continuity and that in and of itself wasn’t a killer - but because that necessitated changes to canon characters that already had 20-30 years of wear on the tires, you had this massive, massive expectations gap.

The new generation (frankly) wouldn’t have cared if the EU had been kept since they were there for the new story. You can see Marvel’s entire lineup for examples of this. The older hardcore fans would have stayed to see how things were realized and how unpopular arcs got jettisoned.

I really don’t care much for the debates anymore.  I OD’d on the Last Jedi, and the new one just confirmed what I already knew - if you remove those parts people responded positively to you’d have a similar reaction.  I didn’t see much of a difference between those pissed off about the unwinding of Luke’s arc and those that thought Rose Tico needed justice.  Same idea - different characters.