Pacific Rim Uprising.
Image: Universal Pictures

Godzilla and Pacific Rim is the crossover we deserve. In a just, good world, there would be five movies of this, just Jaegers and Godzilla, first enemies, then friends, then frenemies, and then, just when you think it gets old, in space.

While that beautiful world is not yet ours, we at least have this: for the Japanese releases of the second film in the Godzilla anime series and Pacific Rimi Uprising, illustrator Hidetaka Tenjin has created the poster we all deserve in our life. Placing Godzilla alongside a number of Jaegers, Tenjin has built a window into a better world. If only we could find our way there, together. Preferably in pairs, to pilot the Jaegers.

A better world.
Illustration: Hidetaka Tenjin

This poster, like my kaiju dream, is not available in the United States, but I like to think about it anyway.

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