Night after night, Batman faces Gotham's most fearsome criminals: gangsters, lunatics, and supervillains. And while he may take the occasional pummeling, he manages to survive those long nights. Or does he?

Inspired by Kim Kardashian's gluteal photoshoot, Comics Should Be Good made "Break the Internet" the theme for this week's The Line It Is Drawn drawing challenge. Commenters were invited to come up with ideas for comic book plot twists that would "Break the Internet" and the contributing artists illustrated the various ideas.


BigBearSpeaks submitted this idea, which was drawn by artist Nick Perks:

Illustration for article titled This One-Page Comic Explains Why Batman Never Seems To Die

Yep, just like Hank and Dean Venture, Batman dies on a regular basis and is replaced by a fresh Bruce Wayne clone. Twist!

Head over to The Line It Is Drawn for more imaginary plot twists, involving Catwoman, the Green Goblin, Squirrel Girl, and more.

The Line it is Drawn #216 – Breaking the Internet! [The Line It Is Drawn]

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