This New Venture Bros. Trailer Has Monarch Sex, Nathan Fillion, Questionable Timing

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Perhaps releasing a new trailer for anything less than 24 hours after a new Star Wars preview drops is foolhardy, but The Venture Bros. are used to danger. This first look at the long, long-awaited sixth season shows the Ventures getting a bit of good news, the Monarchs having a bit of intercourse, and the welcome reappearance of a certain man-spider.

I’m trying to decide which shot I’m most intrigued by. The grim reaper with the vibro-scythe? Dean inexplicably tossing Brock around? The lingerie-clad Captain America analogue? The faux Hank and Dean hanging with mostly naked Brock?

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Okay, it’s definitely this one.

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I’m kind of glad it didn’t come out until now. Because if Venture Bros and Rick and Morty were on at the same time, I don’t think my brain could handle it.

Also, when we get a live action Venture Bros movie, can Jim Rash play Rusty please?