C'mon, people, how can you refuse to believe when the Platonic form of a flying saucer visits a busy Chicago neighborhood in the middle of the day? Only real aliens would do a thing like that.

If you think this is Photoshopped, then you are just a heartless, faithless . . . skeptic! That's what you are! And skeptic rhymes with dyspeptic, so MAKE OF THAT WHAT YOU WILL.


Here's the sighting report, straight from MUFON's database:

1.In Logan Square neighborhood in Chicago during a very busy time of day.
2.It was broad daylight, blue skies, the UFO was extremely close for it being in a city.
3.A UFO. Unmistakable.
4.Slow moving saucer rotating,
5.Utter shock and awe, looking around to see if anyone else saw.. at the time no one else did. Not sure.
6. It took off in a blink

I like the helpful point about how the UFO was "extremely close for it being in a city." Because you know, usually these vessels are mindful of FAA regulations.

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