This New Trailer for People of Earth Explores the Lighter Side of Alien Abduction

Illustration for article titled This New Trailer for iPeople of Earth/i Explores the Lighter Side of Alien Abduction

One of the most unexpected surprises at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con was TBS’ new alien-abduction comedy, People of Earth. Multiple io9 staffers happened to catch the pilot, and we all liked what we saw: it’s weird, it’s hilarious, it boasts a winning cast lead by Wyatt Cenac, and now it has a new trailer.


It a bit more about Cenac’s character, Ozzie, a journalist tasked with interviewing members of a support group for alien abductees, er, experiencers, in tiny Beacon, New York. He’s skeptical at first, but that all changes... thanks to a talking deer and some other oddities.

People of Earth premieres October 31 on TBS.


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Mining rectal probing as an endless source of comedy. Gold!