Image: Adult Swim
Image: Adult Swim

A Rick and Morty tearjerker? That’s unexpected. But we’re not kidding. New short “The Poop in My Pants,” starring fan-favorite Mr. Poopybutthole (longtime Smith family friend, gun-violence survivor, new father), would make even the emotionally impenetrable Rick Sanchez well up. Ooo-wee!

There’s... something in my eye. Who knew Mr. Poopybutthole was such an animal lover? That toilet-shaped piñata kind of gets everything back on the comedy track, but anyone who’s ever lost a beloved pet may need to take a moment after watching the short.


According to Mr. Poopybutthole himself in the season three finale, Rick and Morty season four will air “in like, a really long time... I might even have a big, white Santa Claus beard” on Adult Swim.

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