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The New Lego Star Wars Trailer Features a Totally New Kind of Lightsaber

Illustration for article titled The New iLego Star Wars/i Trailer Features a Totally New Kind of Lightsaber
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Correction: The official Lego YouTube put up the trailer, then quickly made it private. Our apologies. We’ve got an unofficial version below for now.


The Lego Star Wars brand is blowing up over on Disney XD. It recently started doing Force Awakens shorts and later this year, a new show called The Freemaker Adventures will debut. Now, a trailer for that show is online and it features a super cool new piece of Star Wars weaponry.

It’s called a Kyber Saber, a saber made purely of the crystal that creates other lightsabers. So, for example, Luke or Darth Vader’s lightsaber has a single small kyber crystal in it. That’s what powers it. This saber, on the other hand, is completely made of that crystal. It’s something totally new to this universe, and also something that’s very attractive to the Emperor. (But it’s not technically canon, since this is a Lego show.)


If the saber is the coolest thing in this trailer, the rest is still solid, too. The Freemaker Adventures looks fun, albeit way more kiddie than Star Wars Rebels or Clone Wars. That’s okay though. I’ll still check it out because it’s Star Wars and the idea of a family adventuring through that galaxy together is bound to yield some really entertaining results.


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Platypus Man

I’m confused. Isn’t this, like, having a chainsaw except it has a chain of batteries instead of razor-sharp teeth?