This New Gundam Anime Series Is Basically Cowboy Bebop

The first footage for the newest Gundam series Thunderbolt has arrived, and it’s exciting for a couple of reasons: 1) it’s based on a hit manga that takes place during the events of the original 1979 Mobile Suit Gundam anime series, and 2) it looks and sounds just like a Cowboy Bebop sequel.

Um, a Gundam show done Cowboy Bebop-style? Yes, please. Heck, in this promotional art, one of the two ace mobile suit pilots has a very Spike Spiegel-esque mop of hair:

Illustration for article titled This New iGundam/i Anime Series Is Basicallyi Cowboy Bebop/i

I just hope that the style of this short teaser is actually indicative of the final product, because otherwise this is a very, very cruel trick on all the fans still desperately wishing for more Bebop in their lives.

[Via Anime News Network]

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Gundams are expensive to maintain! How many times will they have to eat bellpeppers and beef, but without the beef?

Also is Iron Blooded Orphans already over? Are they going to run concurrently?