This New Duck Tales Song Is a Beautiful Treat for Longtime Fans

Della Duck, in her feelings, as are we all.
Della Duck, in her feelings, as are we all.
Image: Disney

The new Duck Tales cartoon has a lot of sentimental good will to build off of. After all, it’s following up on the legacy of a beloved cartoon, which itself stands as the poster child of the entire Disney Afternoons collection of cartoons, seen by many as one of Disney’s best eras for interesting animation.


It also has a pretty great videogame to draw from, too, and that’s where the most recent episode of Duck Tales took some great inspiration from. Fans of that game will recognize the Moon theme, composed by Hiroshige Tonomura, a sweet, elegiac piece of music that plays over one of the game’s more exciting stages.

In a really lovely move, Duck Tales has now made that song a part of the show’s new canon. In a sweet episode centering on Della Duck, the mother of Huey, Dewey, and Louie, the song appears as a lullaby, with entirely new lyrics sung by Della herself.

Seeing music from the Duck Tales game repurposed in this way is a treat. It goes to show just how much the creators of this show think about its history, and how they work to reward longtime fans. Also, it’s just gorgeous music. Excuse me, I think I have s-something in my eye...

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The Disney Afternoon era of cartoons relied heavily upon the work of Japanese animators. Check out the credits for 90's Ducktales, etc, look for the actual animators. Not that this was exclusive to Disney, see the credits for Tiny Toons and Animaniacs as well. But it never stops amusing me to know that such quintessentially American cartoons are basically anime.

Of course, today's Ducktales relies on similar hands. Korean now, I think.