Maybe it's the prevalence of mopey sparkle-pires recently, but there's some very compelling about NBC's blood-soaked, sex-crazed Dracula miniseries. This new promo reveals a lot about what we can expect from the show, and I think it's going to make Sleepy Hollow look tame on all counts.

First of all, we knew Dracula would be pretending to be an American businessman, but know we know his name and that he's selling some Tesla level technology. Plus there's going to be a major dichotomy between Vlad the person and Dracula the monster, and that despite his willingness to kill just about everybody else, he refuses to sully Mina with his curse. Then there's just a shamelessly fun double-sword fight on a roof. And hey, we learned that Zaro Zhaon Daxos got out of that vault and landed on his feet as "Alexander Grayson's" manservant.


I'm generally a big Dracula purist, but this really looks fun to me. Maybe it's because Jonathan Rhys Meyers' Dracula seems genuinely scary, and like I said, it's been too damn long since I saw a vampire that was frightening but still compelling.

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